Yuji Yamaoka

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To enculturate conversational interfaces it is indespensable to gain insights in culture specific differences of interaction patterns. Information found in the literature is often very general or more of an anecdotal character. In this paper we present a corpus of culture specific interaction patterns that was collected under standardized conditions in(More)
EDITORIAL In this digital age, Multimodal Interfaces are extending and replacing mechanical and electrical instruments. Impressive results have been achieved and new challenging applications are foreseen in fields like medicine, assistance to disabled persons, communication, design, performing arts, games, and many other types of human activity involving(More)
We have developed a mechanism which prevents abuse of trusted Java applets, such as digitally signed applets. A signed applet is usually permitted by a user to perform certain functions. However, an attacker may improperly recompose the signed applet to include malicious components and harm the user by abusing such functions of a signed applet. In this(More)