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In a simulated world, a group of robots with diversified personalities performs a task where they carry several pieces of baggage to the destination. In this simulation, each robot makes a mutual concession to avoid collision and helps each other to carry some of baggage too big to be carried by one robot. Moreover, each robot makes learning the(More)
A simulation environment was created to study the tradeoffs in antenna design and their effects on Cooperative Wireless Routing in a satellite cluster. Simulations show Omni-RDA as a highly desirable antenna configuration. Although the RDA receivers are constantly consuming DC power for scanning, an OmniOmni configuration would require higher transmit power(More)
Abs trac t In Image-Based Modeling, which reconstructs 3-dimensional structures and extracts a texture from 2-dimensional images, one of the greatest problems is to match feature points of two images. The well-k nown template matching is used for automatically relating individual points in different images. However, since it matches each image in which a(More)
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