Yuji Okumura

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Thrombin-inhibiting DNA aptamers have already been obtained through the systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment (SELEX). However, SELEX is a method that screens DNA aptamers that bind to their target molecules, and it sometimes fails to screen good inhibitors. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a method of screening DNA aptamers based(More)
We screened the DNA aptamer inhibiting thrombin with novel method using algorithm mimicking evolution. For screening, we first randomly designed and synthesized ten 15-mer oligonucleotides supposed to form G-quartet structure and then measured the inhibitory activity for thrombin. The aptamers showing the high activities were selected and we shuffled and(More)
Conflict of interest: All authors declare that they are free of any commercial affiliations or other financial interests that might lead to the appearance of conflict of interest. Abstract Background: We performed perfusion CT (P-CT) and angiography of the
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