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The present report describes a rare case of spontaneous hemangiosarcoma in a nine-week-old male Sprague-Dawley rat. At necropsy, multiple white nodules of various sizes were observed on and within the enlarged spleen and liver and were histopathologically determined to be composed of spindle- to oval-shaped cells that showed invasive growth without(More)
Accumulation of macrophages containing brown pigments in the lungs is a well-known spontaneous lesion found in cynomolgus monkey. However, its pathogenesis has not been clearly described. In our survey, brown pigment-laden macrophages were found in the lungs of 4 out of 43 cases. Brown pigments were mostly found in the macrophages of the perivascular(More)
A firm, tan, well-circumscribed mass that measured 25 × 30 × 35 mm was observed in the thoracic cavity of a 53-week-old male Crl:CD(SD) IGS rat. Histologically, the mass was encapsulated by fibrous tissue and contained fibrovascular septae. Tumor cells were compactly arranged, and most were oval to polygonal in shape with multivacuolated cytoplasm and a(More)
We report here the interesting case of a 5-year-old male cynomolgus monkey with goblet cell hyperplasia and thickening of the muscular layer throughout the small intestine without exhibiting any clinical symptoms. Necropsy examination showed diffuse thickening of the intestinal wall from the jejunum to the ileum, with an appearance likened to a rubber tube.(More)
SUMMARY Multihop network is an approach utilizing distributed wireless stations for relaying. In this system, area size, coverage and total transmit power efficiency can be improved. It is shown by computer simulations that the cooperative relaying scheme provides transmit diversity effect, and can offer much better performance compared with that of(More)
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