Yuji Numaguchi

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To seek neural sources of endogenous event-related potentials, brain activations related to rare target stimuli detection in auditory and visual oddball tasks were imaged using a high temporal resolution functional MRI technique. There were multiple modality specific and modality non-specific activations. Auditory specific activations were seen in the(More)
Despite modern medical advances, the morbidity and mortality rates associated with spinal epidural abscess remain significant, and the diagnosis often is elusive. A retrospective study was undertaken to define better the incidence and clinical features of this infection, and to establish current diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines. Forty cases of spinal(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The authors undertook this study to identify a precise, semiautomated, reproducible magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technique for measuring the basal ganglia, to establish normative volumetric data, and to verify the presence of previously reported asymmetries. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-eight healthy adults underwent cranial MR(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE During clinical work, we have seen increases in vertebral body height associated with vertebroplasty, but our literature search revealed no reports as to how often and to what degree those increases occur. The purpose of this study was to document the frequency and degree of changes in vertebral body height after vertebroplasty. (More)
PURPOSE To study the normal signal intensity pattern in the primary auditory cortex (first Heschl gyrus [HG]) and the surrounding cortices in the superior temporal gyrus (STG) and middle temporal gyrus (MTG) on T2-weighted magnetic resonance (MR) images. MATERIALS AND METHODS Coronal T2-weighted fast spin-echo MR images in 30 neurologically normal(More)
Preoperative embolization of vascular metastatic tumors of the spine, particularly carcinomas of renal and thyroid origin, is an adjuvant technique that significantly decreases the intraoperative blood loss and resultant surgical morbidity. Surgical decompression was achieved in 24 spinal vascular metastatic lesions, 20 of which were treated with(More)
Posttraumatic cerebral infarction is a recognized complication of craniocerebral trauma, but its frequency, cause, and influence on mortality are not well defined. To ascertain this information, all cranial CT studies demonstrating posttraumatic cerebral infarction and performed during a 40-month period at our trauma center were reviewed. Posttraumatic(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging with gadopentetate dimeglumine was performed in 25 patients with spinal epidural abscess (SEA). Seventeen of 25 patients underwent follow-up MR imaging. The studies were retrospectively reviewed. In 20 patients, diskitis was the primary infectious foci; however, five patients developed diffuse SEA without diskitis. The two(More)
PURPOSE To determine the worth of CT angiography of the circle of Willis as a supplement to routine CT in the examination of patients with symptoms of acute stroke in terms of its depiction of the number and distribution of arterial stenoses or occlusions. We also sought to compare the accuracy of CT angiography with MR angiography and/or digital(More)