Yuji Monya

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Catalytic CO oxidation reaction on a Pd(100) single-crystal surface under several hundred mTorr pressure conditions has been studied by ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy. In-situ observation of the reaction reveals that two reaction pathways switch over alternatively depending on the surface temperature. At lower(More)
In this study we report on the adsorbate structures on an Ir(1 1 1) surface during the phase transition from the inactive to the active state during CO oxidation. The CO oxidation over Pt(1 1 1) is used as a reference case. Where Pt(1 1 1) either is inactive and CO covered or active and O covered, Ir(1 1 1) exhibits a transition state with co-existing(More)
We investigated the high-density CO adsorption phase formed on a Pt(111) surface when exposed to CO gas of pressure ranging from UHV to 100 mTorr using near-ambient-pressure (NAP)-XPS. Combined results from the NAP-XPS measurements and DFT calculations reveal the adsorption structure of CO molecules in the dense CO overlayer, which is stable under realistic(More)
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