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BACKGROUND MST-16, a new orally administered bis(2,6-dioxopiperazine) analogue and an inhibitor of topoisomerase II, was given to 24 patients with adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma (ATLL) in a Phase I-II multi-institutional cooperative study. METHODS MST-16 was administered orally daily for 7 days, with courses repeated at intervals of 2-3 weeks in 24(More)
We assume a back-end type relational data base machine equipped with multiple dedicated engines for relational database operations. Response characteristics are evaluated, and some parallel control techniques are considered for improved response time by simulating the database machine in executing relational database operations using these engines in(More)
The esophagus was totally excised for histopathological examination in 276 autopsy cases and 66 surgical cases (total, 342 cases). Leiomyoma of the esophagus was observed in 27 of the 342 cases. The tumors were present in 22 of the 225 male cases and in 5 of the 117 female cases. There were 38 leiomyomas among the 27 cases. Most of the leiomyomas originated(More)
Ceftizoxime (CZX) was given by intravenous injection in daily doses of 2-8 g to 103 patients with severe infections complicating hematopoietic disorders. The clinical effect was evaluated in 95 of the 103 patients. The causative organisms were identified in 22 patients but were unknown in the remaining 73. Infected sites were the respiratory tract, urinary(More)
A-31-year-old man with right cervical and supraclavicular lymphadenopathy was admitted in March, 1991. He was diagnosed as having muscular sarcoidosis at the age 8 year, and was treated with corticosteroids. Since age 18, his skin was erythematous and ulcerous, and later his skin became gradually atrophic. Lymph node biopsy revealed diffused large cell(More)