Yuji Matsuda

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In this paper, we propose a two-step method to recognize multiple-food images by detecting candidate regions with several methods and classifying them with various kinds of features. In the first step, we detect several candidate regions by fusing outputs of several region detectors including Felzenszwalb’s deformable part model (DPM) [1], a circle detector(More)
In this paper, we propose a method to recognize food images which include multiple food items considering co-occurrence statistics of food items. The proposed method employs a manifold ranking method which has been applied to image retrieval successfully in the literature. In the experiments, we prepared co-occurrence matrices of 100 food items using(More)
The acetylcholine (ACh) provocation test (ACh-test) is used for the diagnosis of vasospastic angina (VSA). However, subjects often show a moderate spasm (MS) response for which diagnosis of VSA is not definitive, and the clinical significance of this response is unknown. We assessed moderate coronary vasomotor response to the ACh test as an indicator of(More)
Hepatocytes rapidly lose hepatic functions upon isolation from liver, perhaps due to disrupted cell/matrix interactions. The matrix macromolecule laminin-111 consists of three chains, α1, β1, and γ1; it is a major component of Matrigel, which can maintain hepatic differentiation. We previously showed that the A13 peptide (RQVFQVAYIIIKA, α1 chain 121-133)(More)
The aims of this study were (1) to evaluate changes in muscle activity associated with physiological fatigue and decreased swimming velocity (SV) during 200 m of front crawl swimming, and (2) to examine the relationship between the decreased SV and changes in kinematic or electromyogram parameters. Twenty swimmers participated in a 4 × 50-m swim test. The(More)
Laminin-111, a heterotrimer composed of the laminin alpha1, beta1, and gamma1 chains, has been used as a biomaterial for primary cell culture to maintain cellular functions. Our previous studies have reported that synthetic peptides derived from laminin alpha1 exhibit biological functions such as influencing cell adhesion, migration, angiogenesis, and tumor(More)
Tribenoside has been used clinically for hemorrhoidal disease associated with coagulation, inflammation, and wounds. However, the pharmacological mechanism of tribenoside activity has never been clear. In this study we examined whether tribenoside affected expression and deposition of laminins that are required for reconstruction of basement membranes (BMs)(More)