Yuji Makimoto

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The nucleolus is the most obvious structure in the eukaryotic nucleus. It is known to be a ribosome-producing apparatus where ribosomal (r) DNA is transcribed and the primary rRNA transcripts are processed to produce three of the four rRNA species. Electron microscopy has shown that the nucleolus consists of three major components, a dense fibrillar(More)
Fibrillarin is known to play an important role in precursor ribosomal RNA processing and ribosome assembly. The present study describes a fibrillarin homolog gene isolated from tobacco BY-2 cells and its expression during the cell cycle. The cDNA for a fibrillarin homolog, named NtFib1, was first cloned in Nicotiana tabacum with degenerate primers. It(More)
Anomaly-based Intrusion Prevention Systems have been studied to prevent zero-day attacks. However these existing systems can $B!G (Bt prevent mimicry attacks because of the inadequacy of monitoring accuracy. Moreover, they provide no continuity for monitored applications when they have been compromised. In this paper, we propose a novel Intrusion Prevention(More)
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