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The high-affinity choline transporter CHT1 mediates choline uptake essential for acetylcholine synthesis in cholinergic nerve terminals. CHT1 belongs to the Na(+)/glucose cotransporter family (SLC5), which is postulated to have a common 13-transmembrane domain core; however, no direct experimental evidence for CHT1 transmembrane topology has yet been(More)
The recombinant protein expression by Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) infecting silkworm larvae or pupae may endow us with a potent system for the production of large eukaryotic proteins. However, the screening of silkworm strains ideally suited to this method has scarcely been conducted. In the present study, we injected recombinant BmNPV(More)
The ability to produce exoenzymes of a Bacillus subtilis natto starter strain was improved through selection of a rifampicin-resistant phenotype. Proteomic and zymographic analyses showed increased production of cellulolytic and proteolytic enzymes and decreased production of levansucrase. This mutant had a mutation (S487L) in the β-subunit of the RNA(More)
Spore-forming Bacillus strains that produce extracellular poly-γ-glutamic acid were screened for their application to natto (fermented soybean food) fermentation. Among the 424 strains, including Bacillus subtilis and B. amyloliquefaciens, which we isolated from rice straw, 59 were capable of fermenting natto. Biotin auxotrophism was tightly linked to natto(More)
LIBRARIES T} i7-ABSTRACT Supercritical water (SCW) which exists beyond the critical point (Tc=647.2K, Pc=221bar) is an innovative solvent to dissolve organic material. Many applications of this new solvent such as oxidation of organic wastes and separation of metals have been researched; however, the properties of SCW have not sufficiently been understood(More)
Polyamines have beneficial properties to prevent aging-associated diseases. Raw soybean has relatively high polyamine contents; and the fermented soybean natto is a good source of polyamines. However, detailed information of diversity of polyamine content in raw soybean is lacking. The objectives of this study were to evaluate differences of polyamines(More)
We investigated the fate of radioactive cesium ((134)Cs plus (137)Cs) during the production of tofu, natto, and nimame (boiled soybean) from a contaminated Japanese soybean cultivar harvested in FY2011. Tofu, natto, and nimame were made from soybean grains containing radioactive cesium (240 to 340 Bq/kg [dry weight]), and the radioactive cesium in the(More)
some gram-positive bacteria. Its potency is generally greater than that of piromidic acid and nalidixic acid. Cross-resistance is not observed between pipemidic acid and various antibiotics, and most of bacteria resistant to piromidic acid and nalidixic acid are moderately susceptible to pipemidic acid. The activity of pipemidic acid is scarcely affected by(More)
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