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Biporous (macro- and microporous) calcium phosphate gains much attention as a bone substitute material because of its large surface area and that it improves cell penetration. In the present study, we evaluated the feasibility of biporous, low-crystalline apatite based on dissolution of mannitol from self-setting apatite cement (Biopex). Mannitol--known as(More)
In cellular systems, optimization of cell coverage planning is advantageous in the deployment of service areas. For this purpose, it is important to adequately estimate MIMO capacity in MIMO wireless systems. In the planning, one requirement is that MIMO channel capacity must be estimated as simply as possible to reduce computation time. We have shown that(More)
Effects of added sodium alginate on the mechanical strength of Biopex, one type of apatite cement, were investigated since sodium alginate addition is very effective for Biopex to acquire anti-washout property. Addition of sodium alginate into the liquid phase of Biopex resulted in a slower transformation to apatitic monolith. As a result, mechanical(More)
The graphical technique devised bySmith andFretwell (1974) to construct a model of the optimal offspring size was applied to the case where disruptive selection might work on offspring size. On this basis, a possible case of speciation in freshwater gobies characterized by egg-size difference was discussed.
Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) wireless systems are one of the most promising technologies for providing large transmission capacity without expanding the frequency band in cellular mobile systems. This paper discusses 2 × 2 MIMO channel characteristics with different antenna spacing for indoor line-of-site (LOS) environments through(More)
The aldehydes in the periodate oxidation products of non-dialyzable urinary carbohydrate materials were determined simultaneously by gas chromatography of their diethyl dithioacetal derivatives. The yields of aldehydes for normal male urine varied considerably among subjects, but their molar ratios were almost constant. The average values for(More)
This paper evaluates the measured height pattern along an building wall in the NLOS environment in comparison with the COST-231 formula method and the typical propagation model. In addition, the measured propagation loss is compared to the propagation loss of the two-ray model composed of the diffraction path on the edge of surrounding building considering(More)
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