Yuji Iwahori

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Applications requiring the natural use of the human hand as a human–computer interface motivate research on continuous hand gesture recognition. Gesture recognition depends on gesture segmentation to locate the starting and end points of meaningful gestures while ignoring unintentional movements. Unfortunately, gesture segmentation remains a formidable(More)
This paper proposes a GPU based algorithm for extracting moving objects in real time. The whole process of the proposed approach is handled on GPU. GPU is used for acceleration and the proposed approach increases processing speed dramatically. The method uses a* component and b* component of CIELAB color space without extracting shadow areas as moving(More)
A new approach is proposed to recover the relative magnitude of Gaussian curvature from three shading images using neural network. Under the assumption that the test object has the same reflectance property as the calibration sphere of known shape, RBF neural network learns the mapping of three observed image intensities to the corresponding coordinates of(More)
This paper describes a new approach to neural network implementation of photometric stereo for a rotational object with non-uniform reflectance factor. Three input images are acquired under different conditions of illumination. One illumination direction is chosen to be aligned with the viewing direction. We require no separate calibration object to(More)
An endoscope is a medical instrument that acquires images inside the human body. This paper proposes a new approach for the automatic detection of polyp regions in an endoscope image using a Hessian filter and machine learning techniques. Previous approaches tried to detect candidate polyp regions based on rectangular patches. But, a purely patch-based(More)