Yuji Ito

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We report a novel mutation of tau (L266V missense mutation in exon 9) which may cause a type of familial frontotemporal dementia. The brain of a patient showed Pick body-like inclusions and unique tau-positive, argyrophilic astrocytes with stout filaments and naked, round, or irregular argyrophilic inclusions with deposits of both three-repeat and(More)
BACKGROUND Rectal carcinoids comprise only about 1% of all anorectal neoplasms. In addition, ganglioneuroma of the gastrointestinal tract is a rare tumor composed ganglion cells, nerve fibers, and supporting cells. Multiple carcinoid tumors with diffuse ganglioneuromatosis limited to the rectum are quite unusual. CASE PRESENTATION A 69-year-old man was(More)
We report a patient with epilepsy who experienced interictal and postictal psychoses. Her psychiatric symptoms consisted of grandiose and fantastic delusions during both psychotic states. During remission, electroencephalography showed bitemporal epileptiform discharges that were predominant in the right temporal region. Epileptiform discharges present(More)
We have achieved site-specific conjugation of several haloacetamide derivatives into designated cysteines on bacteriophage T7-displayed peptides, which are fused to T7 capsid protein gp10. This easiest gp10 based-thioetherification (10BASEd-T) undergoes almost quantitatively like a click reaction without side reaction or loss of phage infectivity. The(More)