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Aspen flakeboards made from control flakes and acetylated flakes at 18% acetyl weight gain using phenol-formaldehyde or isocyanate adhesives were subjected to a bending creep test under progressive brown-rot fungal attack with Tyromyces palustris. Deflection of the boards was measured as a function of time until failure. Isocyanate-bonded control(More)
The behavior of arsenic during pyrolysis at temperatures between 135 and 500 degrees C has been widely studied. We examined the release of arsenic during the pyrolysis of chromated copper arsenate (CCA)-treated wood, and here we propose two models for the volatilization of arsenic: (a) a reacted arsenic compound, chromium arsenate, in CCA-treated wood was(More)
Substantial progress has been made in remediation of preservative treated waste wood by chemical extraction with several mineral and organic acids and biodegradation using bacteria and fungi in recent years. Non-conventional low-cost adsorbents are used to bind the metal ions in extremely stable complexes in heavy metal contaminated soils or polluted waters(More)
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