Yuji Horikoshi

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To meet the increasing demand for real-time content delivery, the proposed autonomous decentralized community communication system offers an efficient information dissemination infrastructure with a decentralized architecture. ADCC's aim is to help end-user communities communicate and exchange information efficiently; to meet this goal, the system uses an(More)
Recent advances in wireless communication and mobile telecommunications have made mobile commerce possible. In the retail business under the evolving market, the users solicit continuously to utilize the appropriate services based on their preferences and situations. In addition, the service providers insist on seizing the current requirements of the(More)
In recent years, information services in accordance with users' preference, utilization place and time are required more and more. Autonomous Decentralized Community System (ADCS) has been proposed to provide services for a Local Majority, which consists of users who have similar preferences or are in a similar situation. ADCS network consists of many(More)
The extreme dynamism and the rapidly changing user's requirements in current information systems promote imperative needs for the autonomous community information system (ACIS) proposition. ACIS is a decentralized architecture that forms a community of individual end-users (community members) having the same interests and demands in somewhere, at specified(More)
In recent years, information services in accordance with users' preference, utilization place and time are required. Considering the local majority, which consists of users who have shared preferences or are in similar situations, autonomous community system is proposed to provide services according to the requirements of the local majority. In this(More)
Location based services (LBS) are expected to play crucial role in future of e-commerce. Although, LBS consider service provision on the basis of location, but don't take into consideration time aspect and user's interests. We propose incorporation of time-awareness and demand-oriented contexts along with location to develop idea of community pervasive(More)