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A multichannel functional electrical stimulation (FES) system for the restoration of quadriplegic upper extremity function is described. The system is composed of a personal computer NEC PC-8801mkII, peripheral electronic circuits, CRT display and respiratory sensors for volitional control by the patient, and percutaneous electrodes. A C4 quadriplegic(More)
To investigate the role of immunological reactions in the development of cerebral vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), the authors studied the correlation between immune/inflammatory reactions in the arterial wall and the time course of vasospasm in primates. Twenty monkeys were divided into four groups of 5 animals each: 1) a control group of(More)
Seventeen hemiplegic patients with chronic shoulder subluxation secondary to a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) were divided into three groups, two of which were subjected to 6 weeks of therapeutic electrical stimulation (TES) for 15 minutes twice a day, in order to assess the effectiveness of the treatment in reducing subluxation, and in improving shoulder(More)
It is difficult to receive video download services in wireless environments. Some service management schemes to consume network resources effectively from the aspect of user's satisfaction (utility) are proposed. In video download services, user's satisfaction depends on both the latency time and the video quality. Some utility functions for the latency(More)
A 58-year-old man presented with an extremely rare case of "pure type" spinal tanycytic ependymoma associated with hematomyelia manifesting as sensory disturbance of the bilateral hands and weakness of the right arm. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a tumor in the spinal cord from C-2 to C-4 levels. The soft gelatinous tumor was subtotally resected(More)
OBJECT It remains unclear whether elderly patients with compressive cervical myelopathy can be expected to experience a promising surgery-related outcome after undergoing expansive laminoplasty. The purposes of this study were to evaluate the efficacy of expansive laminoplasty in elderly patients with cervical myelopathy due to multisegmental spondylotic(More)
This paper describes the relationship between knee extension force and EMG signals detected by multiple bipolar wire electrodes inserted into the human vastus lateralis muscle under isometric conditions. Six healthy male volunteers participated in this study. Eight pairs of bipolar wire electrodes were inserted into the right vastus lateralis muscle and the(More)
Experimental delayed cerebral vasospasm was produced in 16 adult mongrel dogs by the "two-hemorrhage" method of intracisternal injections of autologous arterial blood. Group 1 was a control group. Group 2 was a treatment group that received an intravenous injection of ONO-1078, a novel potent leukotriene antagonist, once a day for 7 days just after the(More)
Plateau waves, as described by Lundberg (1960), can often be observed in patients with increased intracranial pressure (ICP) resulting from brain tumours, benign intracranial hypertension and other causes. The clinical significance of the waves, however, is still debated. In this study, the ICP was recorded continuously, the size of the ventricular system(More)