Yuji Chiba

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Java virtual machine (JVM) crashes are often due to an invalid memory reference to the JVM heap. Before the bug that caused the invalid reference can be fixed, its location must be identified. It can be in either the JVM implementation or the native library written in C language invoked from Java applications. To help system engineers identify the location,(More)
Auto-boxing improves code readability by eliminating the need for explicit boxing code, but it does not improve performance, because it does not eliminate boxing code but inserts the code implicitly. Current auto-boxing implementations try to improve performance by caching some of the boxed values in order to avoid wrapper class instance allocation on each(More)
This systcm is based on slit-ray projcction mcthod. The remarkable featurcs of this systcm -high speed and continuous rneasuremcnt -mainly comes from its image plane constructed by PSD array which is horizontally non-divided and linear, whereas vertically dividcd in numbers. Each row PSD element is attached to respective analog signal proccssor, A/D(More)
We have confirmed that dissociation of the dimeric SOD molecule into a monomeric one can be readily detected in solution by the use of capillary electrophoresis (CE), which is based on the fact that the peak height in the CE profile is highly dependent on the aggregation conditions of the protein molecule. Based on this fact, it has become apparent that the(More)
We have investigated the mechanism of manganese ion uptake by apo-transferrin using a capillary electrophoresis method, and obtained clear evidence that oxidation state +3 and the binuclear unit of a manganese chelate are essential factors for the facile uptake by apotransferrin, similar to that observed for Fe(III) chelates. These results may give valuable(More)
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