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Vesicular Polyamine Transporter Mediates Vesicular Storage and Release of Polyamine from Mast Cells*
Results strongly suggest that VPAT is expressed and is responsible for vesicular storage of spermine and spermidine in novel secretory granules that differ from histamine- and serotonin-containing granules and is involved in vesicle release of these polyamines from mast cells. Expand
Immunological identification of vesicular nucleotide transporter in intestinal L cells.
It is demonstrated that intestinal L cells express VNUT in either the unidentified organelles at light density other than secretory granules andSLMVs or a subpopulation of SLMVs, and it is suggested that L cells are purinergic in nature and secrete nucleotides independent of GLP-1 secretion. Expand
Identification of a mammalian vesicular polyamine transporter
Results indicated that SLC18B1 encodes a vesicular polyamine transporter (VPAT), which is predominantly expressed in the hippocampus and is associated with vesicles in astrocytes. Expand
Vesicular nucleotide transporter mediates ATP release and migration in neutrophils
It is suggested that tertiary granule-localized VNUT is responsible for vesicular ATP release and subsequent neutrophil migration, and an additional mechanism through which ATP is released by neutrophils is suggested. Expand