Yuichiro Seike

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Mutations in mitotic checkpoint genes have been detected in several human cancers, and these cancers exhibit chromosomal instability. Aneuploid stem cells seem to result from chromosomal instability and have been reported in many lung cancers. To determine whether alteration of mitotic checkpoint regulators is involved in carcinogenesis and tumor(More)
D-Galacturonic acid reductase was purified from a psychrophilic yeast strain of Cryptococcus diffluens, which was isolated from Satho, a traditional alcohol drink in Thailand. This enzyme, named Cd-GalUAR, assimilates D-galacturonic acid and requires NADPH as a cofactor. Cd-GalUAR is about 45 kDa and stable from pH 6.5 to 7.5 and up to 35°C. Its optimum pH(More)
One psychrophilic yeast strain, that grew well in a cold environment such as in a refrigerator, was isolated from the yeast starter (Loog-pang) of a traditional alcohol drink in Thailand. The isolated strain OPU-FC11 was identified as Cryptococcus diffluens by the assay for 26S ribosomal DNA and the test for carbon source assimilation. OPU-FC11 showed a(More)
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