Yuichiro Mafune

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In our recent research, we showed results of the comparative study on effects of using several kinds of scheduling evaluation criteria as the fitness function of a genetic algorithm for job-shop scheduling. From these results, we obtained that the idle time criterion sometimes can provide a good makespan-minimizing schedule for a job-shop scheduling(More)
A variant sequence of minor satellite that exhibits a polymorphism in strains and a subspecies of the mouse by pulsed-field gel analysis has been cloned. A segregation study using intrasubspecific backcross mice reveals that the variant maps to the centromeric region of chromosome 2. A long-range physical analysis of the region shows that the variant family(More)
Deregulated expression of genes is found in cancer cells, which may affect malignant properties, but it is unclear whether such modulation occurs allele-specifically. This study shows that the gene coding alpha4 integrin, a cell adhesion molecule, underwent allelic inactivation in a series of heterozygous murine fibrosarcoma cell lines (MST lines) with(More)
Distribution of the p53 pseudogene within the house mouse species (genus Mus) was studied with polymerase chain reaction for 37 individuals that were caught at different localities. Pseudogene-specific fragments were detected in some, but not all, individuals of Mus musculus subspecies regardless of locality and type of subspecies. In addition, 3 of 7(More)
Changes in the number of telomere repeat arrays were examined in mouse tumor cells. Telomeres that function for the protection of chromosomes were detected as bands and a smear by pulsed field gel electrophoresis and gel-hybridization using (TTAGGG)4, as a probe. Of eight primary tumors induced in F1 mice between C57BL/6 and C3H/He and between C57BL/6 and(More)
Allelic expression was examined by single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis in murine fibrosarcomas from inter-subspecific F1 mice between C57BL/6 and MSM. Ten genes encoding p53, mdm2, E-cadherin, 72 kD metalloproteinase and its inhibitor (Timp2), thymidine kinase and four glucose transporters (Gluts) were examined. These genes were chosen because(More)
Some chromosomal or subchromosomal deletions observed in a variety of cancer cells may be related with metastatic properties of the tumor cells. Thus, relationship between allelic losses and metastatic ability is here investigated of ten in vitro clones obtained from 505 cells that are derived from a fibrosarcoma induced in a F1 mouse between C3H and C57BL(More)
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