Yuichiro Kakutani

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From the magnetic Compton-profile (MCP) measurement, we have directly differentiated for the first time the populations in two e(g)-type orbitals ( x(2) - y(2) and 3z(2) - r(2)) in a manganite. The experimental MCP's along the [001] direction for La(2--2x)Sr(1+2x)Mn(2)O(7) at x = 0.35 and 0.42 are fitted by the theoretical profiles obtained from the(More)
Noticeable enhancement of the spin-dependent Compton scattering intensity in right-angle scattering has been achieved by using high-energy X-rays having elliptical polarization. A promising momentum resolution of better than 0.4 atomic units for Compton-profile measurements is firmly predicted by means of an ordinary Ge solid-state detector when the(More)
Two monochromators for high-energy synchrotron radiation have been studied at the elliptical multipole wiggler beamline BL08W of SPring-8. Both monochromator crystals are bent and indirectly water-cooled. In the 100 keV monochromator an efficient cooling scheme is employed. A monochromatic beam is successfully focused using new benders for the 100 keV and(More)
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