Yuichiro Ikuma

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As traffic volumes carried by optical networks continue to grow by tens of percent year over year, we are rapidly approaching the capacity limit of the conventional communication band within a single-mode fiber. New measures such as elastic optical networking, spectral extension to multi-bands, and spatial expansion to additional fiber overlays or new fiber(More)
We report a multi-mode interference-based optical gate switch using a Ge(2)Sb(2)Te(5) thin film with a diameter of only 1 µm. The switching operation was demonstrated by laser pulse irradiation. This switch had a very wide operating wavelength range of 100 nm at around 1575 nm, with an average extinction ratio of 12.6 dB. Repetitive switching over 2,000(More)
Herein we report a facile method for the synthesis of N-doped crystalline mesoporous titanium dioxide (NMT) with ordered structure. Structural characterization and HR-TEM studies revealed that NMT exhibits pure anatase phase with highly crystalline ordered mesoporous structure in NMT. The N2 isotherms are of type IV with an H1 hysteresis loop and a(More)
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