Yuichi Tanimoto

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The complete oxidation of methylmercaptan (MSH) and dimethyl sulfide (DMS) with sulfate or nitrate as electron acceptors was observed in enrichment cultures and dilution series using thermophilic fermentor sludge as the inoculum. Three new strains of thermophilic sulfate reducers were isolated in pure culture (strains MTS5, TDS2, and SDN4). Strain MTS5 grew(More)
From dilution series in defined mineral medium, a marine iregular coccoid methanogenic bacterium (strain MTP4) was isolated that was able to grow on methanethiol as sole source of energy. The strain also grew on dimethylsulfide, mono-, di-, and trimethylamine, methanol and acetate. On formate the organism produced methane without significant growth. Optimal(More)
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