Yuichi Takeda

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In this paper we propose a novel depth measurement method by fusing depth from defocus (DFD) and stereo. One of the problems of passive stereo method is the difficulty of finding correct correspondence between images when an object has a repetitive pattern or edges parallel to the epipolar line. On the other hand, the accuracy of DFD method is inherently(More)
Sema4D, originally identified as a negative regulator of axon guidance during development, is involved in various physiological and pathological responses. In this study, we evaluated the effect of Sema4D-deficiency on oligodendrocyte restoration after the cerebral ischemia/reperfusion using direct ligation of the middle cerebral artery followed by(More)
Natural plant populations consist of individuals that exhibit variation in their phenotypic traits and demographic parameters. Here we report a study on maternal effects and the effects of different light environments on intra-specific variation in survivorship and ecologically relevant phenotypic traits of Fagus crenata seedlings in a cool-temperate forest(More)
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