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1-Tb/s (100 x 10 Gb/s) super-dense WDM transmission with 25-GHz channel spacing in the zero-dispersion region employing distributed Raman amplification technology
We achieve 1 Tb/s (100/spl times/10 Gb/s) super-dense WDM (super DWDM) transmission with 25-GHz channel spacing (0.4 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency) in the zero-dispersion region over a 4/spl times/80Expand
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Zoledronic acid induces apoptosis and S-phase arrest in mesothelioma through inhibiting Rab family proteins and topoisomerase II actions
Zoledronic acid (ZOL), a nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate, produced anti-tumor effects through apoptosis induction or S-phase arrest depending on human mesothelioma cells tested. An addition ofExpand
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Combinatory cytotoxic effects produced by E1B-55kDa-deleted adenoviruses and chemotherapeutic agents are dependent on the agents in esophageal carcinoma
We examined possible combinatory antitumor effects of replication-competent type 5 adenoviruses (Ad) lacking E1B-55kDa molecules (Ad-delE1B55) and chemotherapeutic agents in nine human esophagealExpand
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In situ control of cell adhesion using photoresponsive culture surface.
A photoresponsive culture surface (PRCS) allowing photocontrol of cell adhesion was prepared with a novel polymer material composed of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) having spiropyran chromophores asExpand
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Intra-operative measurement of cortical arterial flow volumes in posterior circulation using Doppler sonography
Abstract Little has been reported on the flow volume of cortical arteries in the posterior circulation. During craniotomy in 28 patients, we measured the flow velocity of the arteries usingExpand
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Chronic stress enhances calcium mobilization and glutamate exocytosis in cerebrocortical synaptosomes from mice
Abstract Objectives: Our previous study showed that acute restraint stress enhances depolarization-induced increases in intrasynaptosomal free calcium (Ca2+) concentration ([Ca2+]i) andExpand
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Intracerebral hematoma due to ruptured nontraumatic middle meningeal artery aneurysm--case report.
A 77-year-old woman suddenly lost consciousness and presented with right hemiparesis. Computed tomography showed a large subcortical hematoma in her left frontal lobe associated with subarachnoidExpand
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[Surgical management of extracranial internal carotid artery aneurysms].
Aneurysms of the extracranial internal carotid artery are rare but may present as a mass, with ischemic symptoms, or with fatal hemorrhage. We operated on aneurysms in four patients, two males andExpand
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A high performance 50 nm PMOSFET using decaborane (B/sub 10/H/sub 14/) ion implantation and 2-step activation annealing process
A high performance 50 nm PMOSFET with 7-nm-deep ultra shallow junction is described. Ultra-low energy implantation of B/sub 10/H(14/sup +/) at 2 keV (effective energy of boron is 0.2 keV) which neverExpand
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Giant thrombosed vertebral artery aneurysm treated by extracranial-intracranial bypass and aneurysmectomy--case report.
A 42-year-old male presented with a giant thrombosed aneurysm of the left vertebral artery. The aneurysm was resected through a combined subtemporal and suboccipital approach after a saphenous veinExpand
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