Yuichi Saitoh

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A distributed problem solving environment (PSE) is proposed to help users solve partial differential equation (PDE) based problems in scientific computing. The system inputs a problem description and outputs a program flow, a C-language source code for the problem and also a document for the program. Each module is distributed on distributed computers. The(More)
In computing sciences (e-Sciences) we need computer power, excellent algorithms and programming power in order to solve scientific problems leading to discoveries and development of innovative new products. So far, the computer power and the computing algorithms have been developed incredibly, and have provided enormous contributions to e-Sciences and(More)
It is difficult for users to submit jobs to distributed computers and to retrieve calculation data from them in scientific computings. In this paper, we discuss and develop a robust job execution service system in a closed distributed computer system. The job execution service system consists of a dynamic system management servers, execution servers and(More)
We investigated the uncertainty in patient set-up margin analysis with a small dataset consisting of a limited number of clinical cases over a short time period, and propose a method for determining the optimum set-up margin. Patient set-up errors from 555 registration images of 15 patients with prostate cancer were tested for normality using a(More)