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Single-molecule pH sensors have been developed by utilizing molecular imaging of pH-responsive shape transition of nanomechanical DNA origami devices with atomic force microscopy (AFM). Short DNA fragments that can form i-motifs were introduced to nanomechanical DNA origami devices with pliers-like shape (DNA Origami Pliers), which consist of two levers of(More)
Bottom-up fabrication techniques are expected to alleviate the limitations of top-down fabrication. Bottom-up fabrication requires self-assembling facilities to construct complex structures including DNA nanostructures, DNA robots, further molecular robots, and so on. DNA origami is one of buttom-up fabrication techniques. In this paper, we focus on the(More)
We synthesized series of amphiphilic AB-type block copolymers having systematic variation in the core-forming segments using poly(lactide-co-depsipeptide)s as a hydrophobic segment and prepared polymeric micelles using the block copolymers, PEG-b-poly(lactide-co-depsipeptide). We then discussed the relationship between the core-forming segment structure and(More)
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