Yuichi Muramatsu

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The purpose of this study was to investigate oral health status in relation to subgingival microflora and sex hormone concentrations in saliva during pregnancy. Oral health examinations were performed on 39 subjects: of 19 pregnant women (mean age 28.5), and 8 women in the fifth post-partum month (mean age 27.1), and 12 non-pregnant women (mean age 22.9).(More)
The acidogenicity of commercially available isomaltooligosaccharides mixture (IMO) and its hydrogenated derivative (IMO-H) were evaluated by the in vivo pH response under dental plaque of six subjects (aged 25-28) using intraoral apparatus. The apparatus, an indwelling pH sensor of a hydrogen ion-sensitive field effect transducer (ISFET), was placed on the(More)
This paper proposes a vibrotactile glove interface that enabled users to perceive tactile sensations of virtual objects. The proposed vibrotactile interface was designed to be easy-to-use, easily portable, and lightweight. Active touch might also be useful to realize informative tactile communication. To provide tactile stimuli based on movement of the(More)
We investigated the correspondence relationship between vibrotactile stimuli and tactile mental imagery using a vibrotactile glove proposed in a previous study as an interface for vibrotactile stimuli [1]. The mental impressions of the vibrotactile stimuli obtained by the human subjects were measured using the semantic differential method. Analysis of(More)
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