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SUMMARY Although a great deal of research has been done on electronic cash schemes with blind multisignatures to prevent an insider attack, there is no discussion of a formal security model in the literature. Firstly we discussed the security model of e-cash schemes based on the blind mul-tisignature scheme against a (restricted) attack model and proposed a(More)
Coron et al. proposed the ES-based scheme PSS-ES which realizes an encryption scheme and a signature scheme with a unique padding technique and key pair. The security of PSS-ES as an encryp-tion scheme is based on the partial-domain one-wayness of the encryp-tion permutation. In this paper, we propose new ES schemes OAEP-ES, OAEP++-ES, and REACT-ES, and(More)
Ring signature scheme, proposed by Rivest et al., allows a signer to sign a message anonymously. In the ring signature scheme, the signer who wants to sign a document anonymously first chooses some public keys of entities (signers) and then generates a signature which ensures that one of the signer or entities signs the document. In some situations,(More)