Yuichi Kanamori

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Hemispheric rivalry models of spatial neglect suggest that the left hemisphere becomes hyperactive following right-hemisphere lesions since the two hemispheres normally exert an inhibitory influence on each other via callosal connections. Using a masked hemifield priming paradigm, we investigated whether the putative change in hemispheric balance involves(More)
A 70-year-old woman suffering from aortic valve stenosis and regurgitation and tricuspid valve regurgitation was admitted to our hospital. At the operation, the right atrium and both ventricles were dilated, and a thrill was felt over the aortic root and right atrium. The aortic valve was bicuspid and heavily calcified. After aortic leaflets were resected,(More)
With advances in communication technologies, network services provided via the Internet have been widely diversified, and people can use these services not only via wired networks but also via wireless networks. There are several wireless systems in practical use such as Cellular, WiMAX and WiFi. Although these wireless network systems have developed(More)
A 75-year-old woman was admitted complaining of anterior chest pains, and peripheral coldness. The 6th day after admission, a loud systolic murmur of Levine IV/VI was audible at the apex. The chest X-ray film demonstrated a cardiomegaly and ST elevation in the V1-V5 leads. UCG and right-heart catheterization revealed an intraventricular shunt from left to(More)
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