Yuichi Iwadate

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In this paper, we propose “Multimedia Montage”, which is the structural synthesis in time and space of multimedia components, such as movies and sounds, as a new image expression method for communications. In this study, we introduce the counterpoint theory in music to compose movie structures, and we use scripts to describe the structures. The nature of(More)
In this paper, we propose a tool for extracting composition information fi-om pictures called the Composition Analyzer. This tool extracts such composition information as the shapes, proportions, andlocations of figures, by two processes. More specifically, it first segments a picture into figures and a ground by a figure extraction method we developed. It(More)
We are developing an archive system that can preserve Japanese traditional dramatic arts, such as “Noh”, in the form of dynamic 3D models. Dynamic 3D models are models that are generated from video images captured by multiple cameras surrounding a target object for each frame. The archive system can provide an entire Noh scene from any(More)