Yuichi Ishitsuka

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In this chapter, mutant mouse resources which have been developed by classical genetics as well as by modern large-scale mutagenesis projects are summarized. Various spontaneous and induced mouse mutations have been archived since the rediscovery of Mendel's genetics in 1900. Moreover, genome-wide, large-scale mutagenesis efforts have recently been(More)
Hedgehog signaling is primarily transduced by two transcription factors: Gli2, which mainly acts as a full-length activator, and Gli3, which tends to be proteolytically processed from a full-length form (Gli3FL) to an N-terminal repressor (Gli3REP). Recent studies using a Sufu knockout mouse have indicated that Sufu is involved in regulating Gli2 and Gli3(More)
Wnt/β-catenin signalling regulates numerous developmental and homeostatic processes. Ctnnb1 (also known as β-catenin) is the only protein that transmits signals from various Wnt ligands to downstream genes. In this study, we report that our newly established mouse strain, which harbours a Cys429 to Ser missense mutation in the β-catenin gene, exhibited(More)
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