Yuichi Hasegawa

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When 21 species of sea anemones were screened for Kv1 potassium channel toxins by competitive inhibition of the binding of (125)I-α-dendrotoxin to rat synaptosomal membranes, 11 species (two species of Actiniidae, one species of Hormathiidae, five species of Stichodactylidae and three species of Thalassianthidae) were found to be positive. Furthermore,(More)
Persistent cell shrinkage, called apoptotic volume decrease (AVD), is a pivotal event of apoptosis. Activation of the volume-sensitive outwardly rectifying Cl(-) channel (VSOR) is involved in the AVD induction. On the other hand, activation of the MAP kinase (MAPK) cascade is also known to play a critical role in apoptosis. In the present study, we(More)
In this paper, we present a recommendation system for automatically recentering and cropping digital still pictures that exhibit capturing artefacts. Autoframing images not only yields better visual pictures but more importantly allows us to remove undesirable artefacts such as lens obstructions by fingers, cellphone straps, or back heads. We report on our(More)
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