Yuichi Akama

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The displacement of the larynx in the three specific directions (a) posteriorly against the cervical vertebrae, (b) superiorly as possible, and (c) slightly laterally to the right have been reported and named the "BURP" maneuver. We evaluated the efficacy of the BURP maneuver in improving visualization of the larynx. Six hundred thirty patients without(More)
Trigger-point injection with a mixture of commercially available 1% lidocaine in sterile distilled water at a ratio of 1:3 compared with 1% lidocaine alone resulted in better efficacy and less injection pain. This simple procedure may be suitable for treatments of a wide range of myofascial pain syndromes.
Interpleural block (IPB) was compared with epidural block (EB) in 17 adults with unilateral multiple rib fractures and hemopneumothorax. The study was a randomized, crossover, before-after trial on the first and second hospital days. An IPB catheter was inserted along with a chest tube, and an upper thoracic EB was also established in the same patient. We(More)
We attempted a clavicular approach to intraosseous infusion (clavicular IO) as a new procedure in adults, and compared the flow rates of subclavian venous infusion, and clavicular, iliac and tibial IO. Furthermore, we observed enhanced roentgenograms of each IO by contrast media. As a result, clavicular IO indicated 11.9 +/- 0.68 mL/kg/hr (mean +/- SD, n =(More)
Abdominal angiography using ioxaglate (3.0-4.5 ml/kg) was performed in 10 patients with normal renal function. Ccr, FENa, CH2O were compared before and immediately after angiography. There was no significant change in Ccr and CH2O level, while FENa increased remarkably after angiography. This study suggested that the osmotic diuresis and the proximal(More)
The effects of mannitol on the function of red blood cell were studied in 12 neurosurgical patients for 4 hours after intravenous administration of 2 g.kg-1 mannitol taking 30 min. After the administration of mannitol, osmotic pressure, Na and K in serum and of red blood cell were all altered. P50, 2, 3-DPG rose gradually and red blood cell deformity(More)
Patients with graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) develop multiple organ failure (MOF), so systematic management is needed. First, patients should be kept in a clean room. Antibiotics, anti-fungal drugs and gamma-globulins are essential for the prevention and treatment of infections. If patients are hypoxic for the nasal cannula or the mask, continuous(More)