Yui Matsumoto

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Pex5p is the cytosolic receptor for peroxisome matrix proteins with peroxisome-targeting signal (PTS) type 1 and shuttles between the cytosol and peroxisomes. Here, we show that Pex5p is ubiquitinated at the conserved cysteine(11) in a manner sensitive to dithiothreitol, in a form associated with peroxisomes. Pex5p with a mutation of the cysteine(11) to(More)
Carbonyl stress compounds such as glyoxal and methylglyoxal have been recently attracting much attention because of their possible clinical significance in chronic and age-related diseases. A high-performance liquid chromatographic procedure has been developed for the simultaneous quantitation of glyoxal and methylglyoxal in human urine. The assay is based(More)
The task of collaborative filtering has close relation to coclustering, in which personalized recommendation is achieved by connecting users with items to be preferred. FCM-type coclustering extracts user-item co-clusters, in which users are assigned to clusters in an exclusive manner while item partitions are not necessarily exclusive and each item can be(More)
Mice produce ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs) in several behavioural contexts. In particular, male mice articulate a long series of various sounds to females during courtship behaviour. To determine the relationships between this kind of vocal behaviour and emotion, we examined the lesion effects of the amygdala, an important neural module in emotional(More)
Mice produce ultrasonic vocalizations featuring a variety of syllables. Vocalizations are observed during social interactions. In particular, males produce numerous syllables during courtship. Previous studies have shown that vocalizations change according to sexual behavior, suggesting that males vary their vocalizations depending on the phase of the(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) is tropic and pathogenic only for humans, and does not replicate in macaque monkeys routinely used for experimental infections. This specially narrow host range (species tropism) has impeded much the progress of HIV-1/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) basic research. Extensive studies on the underlying(More)
An FCM-type co-clustering model was proposed for handling cooccurrence matrices, in which co-clusters of objects and items are extracted using two different types of fuzzy memberships. Objects are partitioned into clusters in a similar concept with the conventional FCM, which uses the exclusive condition forcing each object to be exclusively assigned. On(More)
This paper considers an application of cluster validity indexes to automated judgment in Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) game. In the task, the number and the locations of hands in RPS pictures are first estimated by c-Means-type clustering in conjunction with cluster validity measures. Then, the judgment of winner/loser is performed considering the difference(More)
UNLABELLED We previously found that natural single-nucleotide variations located within a proximal region of splicing acceptor 1 (SA1prox) in the HIV-1 genome could alter the viral replication potential and mRNA expression pattern, especially the vif mRNA level. Here, we studied the virological and molecular basis of nucleotide sequence variations in(More)
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