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The relationship between bone mineral density (BMD) and Zn, Cu, Ca levels in the meal and hair of urban and rural elderly people were studied. 470 subjects above 60 years old (urban 205 and rural 265), 178 males with an average age of 65.70 +/- 3.48 and 292 females with an average age of 65.90 +/- 4.02, were inquired. The BMD and Zn, Cu, Ca levels in the(More)
Effects of Ca supplement on the bone mineral density(BMD), red blood cell superoxide dismutase(SOD), plasma malonaldehyde(MDA) of disused osteoporosis were studied in this paper. Twenty five healthy pregnant SD rats were randomly divided into 5 groups, groups 2-5 were reproduced with patterns of animal osteoporosis. The diet in groups 1-2 was the basic(More)
To explore the effects of soybean isoflavone and calcium on proliferation, differentiation and mineralization of cultured osteoblastic cells. Osteoblastic cells from newborn rat calvarial was cultured. Osteoblastic cells proliferation was measured by MTT, activity of APL was observed with Golden's method and ARS was used to measure the mineral nodes of(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effects of taurine on the heart defects in chick embryos induced by homocysteine (HCY). METHODS Through the teratogenicity test of Chick Embryos, the taurine and HCY were given to yolk sac of 3 day's chick embryos. Histopathological examination after another 2 days culture. RESULTS The occurrence of heart defects on HCY group(More)
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