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Nitrogen removal performance and responsible microbial community of anammox process at low temperatures, and long term effect of dissolved oxygen (DO) on the performance of anammox process were investigated in a biofilm reactor, which was operated at 33±1°C (159d) and 20±2°C (162d) with an influent DO concentration of 0.7-1.5mgL(-1). Nitrogen removal(More)
A biofilter was developed in this study, which showed an excellent performance with the simultaneous removal of AsIII from 150 to 10mg L(-1) during biological iron and manganese oxidation. The distribution and genetic diversity of the microorganisms along the depth of the biofilter have been investigated using DGGE. Results suggested that Iron oxidizing(More)
The passive target detection and localization in wireless sensor networks(WSNs) is a critical issue in many applications. However, the data type been used for detection and localization is limited, due to the target does not carry any devices connected to any transmit(or receive). Thus, the great challenge is that how to use the limited data type for DLF(More)
This paper introduces a wireless phase calibration algorithm that can be applied on cheap commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) radio frequency identification (RFID) system and auto acquire an accurate radio frequency (RF) phase information without any offline training. The key observation is that the raw phase measurements even measured form different RFID tags(More)
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