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An integrated control system is proposed aiming at the automatic transmission. Engine control is introduced into the gear shift operation, which is different from the traditional control method. Through analysing the gear shift process, different strategies are presented for different phases. Engine speed, engine torque and oil pressure of the clutches are(More)
In this paper, we presented a method of 3D model texture mapping based on projection and viewpoints and this method could enhance the sense of reality of 3D model. Firstly, we proposed a regional division algorithm based on viewpoints of 3D surface gird model. By choosing different viewpoints, the 3D model surface gird is divided into reasonable number of(More)
In this paper, an optimization method of gear shift schedule for electric buses equipped with 4-AMT is proposed based on Dynamic Programming (DP) to improve the energy economy of the vehicle. A gear shift schedule that can be used in real-vehicle is extracted based on analysis of the obtained optimal gear shift points by DP approach in Chinese typical urban(More)
A new technique for clutch self-calibration for automated mechanical transmission system based on single-axle parallel hybrid city bus is proposed. A vehicle equipped with this technique, will automatically calibrate the position of the half-engaged point of its clutch when it starts up. This calibration will eliminate or compensate the clearance due to(More)
The search for new superconducting materials has been spurred on by the discovery of iron-based superconductors whose structure and composition is qualitatively different from the cuprates. The study of one such material, KxFe2-ySe2 with a critical temperature of 32 K, is made more difficult by the fact that it separates into two phases-a dominant(More)
Currently, most hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) equipped with automated mechanical transmission (AMT) are implemented with the conventional two-parameter gear shift schedule based on engineering experience. However, this approach cannot take full advantage of hybrid drives. In other words, the powertrain of an HEV is not able to work at the best(More)