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Abstract: This paper presents a new energy management system based on equivalent consumption minimization strategy (ECMS) for hybrid electric vehicles. The aim is to enhance fuel economy and impose state of charge (SoC) charge-sustainability. First, the relationship between the equivalent factor (EF) of ECMS and the co-state of pontryagin’s minimum(More)
An integrated control system is proposed aiming at the automatic transmission. Engine control is introduced into the gear shift operation, which is different from the traditional control method. Through analysing the gear shift process, different strategies are presented for different phases. Engine speed, engine torque and oil pressure of the clutches are(More)
A new technique for clutch self-calibration for automated mechanical transmission system based on single-axle parallel hybrid city bus is proposed. A vehicle equipped with this technique, will automatically calibrate the position of the half-engaged point of its clutch when it starts up. This calibration will eliminate or compensate the clearance due to(More)
When modeling new geometries, artists and modelers tend to habitually document their creative imaginations through illustrating a set of three-view 2D images. These images are also easy to obtain for any geometry that already exists either in reality or in the cyberspace. However, due to the ambiguity of these three-view images in defining 3D models,(More)
Semantic feature extraction technique for human bodies is essential for some application, such as reverse engineering, mannequin dimensions extraction and parametric design of mannequins. This paper present a method on 2D orthographic projection to extract the semantic feature of 3D human model. Firstly, we get the human models orthographic projection and(More)