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PURPOSE To explore the potential use of concentrated growth factor (CGF) in the treatment of temporomandibular joint osteoarthritis (TMJ-OA). MATERIALS AND METHODS Surgical defects were created bilaterally on the condylar cartilage and bone to induce TMJ-OA in goats. CGF was applied to the right joints (CGF group) and physiologic saline was applied to the(More)
PURPOSE To establish a goat model for traumatic temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and describe the gross appearance and histopathologic changes for the prognostic comparison of different types of TMJ trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS According to clinical traumatic types, 16 adult goats were randomly divided into 4 groups based on outcome of surgical induction:(More)
Acute mountain sickness (AMS) is a dangerous hypoxic illness that can affect humans who rapidly reach a high altitude above 2500m. In the study, we investigated the changes of cytokines induced by plateau, and the acetazolamide (ACZ) influenced the cytokines in rats exposed to high altitude. Wistar rats were divided into low altitude (Control), high(More)
Extensive studies have been performed on acute mountain sickness (AMS), but biomarkers predicting AMS are lacking. Presently, the mainstay methods to identify AMS biomarkers include proteomic and genetic methods at high altitudes or in hypoxic simulated chambers. In the present study, we compared plasma cytokine profiles between AMS-susceptible individuals(More)
By the combination of quaternized magnetic nanoparticles and a label-free exonuclease III-assisted DNA amplification assay, we report a simple and facile strategy for the convenient and highly sensitive detection of microbial pathogens, with a detection limit of down to 50 cells mL(-1).
BACKGROUND The purpose is to observe the changes of CYP450 enzyme activity expression as well as the physiological and pathological states of Wistar rats given metronidazole drug intervention after acute exposure to high altitude of 4300m. METHODS AND RESULTS Thirty healthy adult male Wistar rats of average weight 200 ± 20 g were randomly assigned into(More)
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