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To enhance the potential therapeutic efficacy of an antimicrobial peptide human β-defensin 3, two fusion peptides, a bactericidal–immunomodulatory fusion peptide human β-defensin 3-mannose-binding lectin and a bactericidal–bactericidal fusion peptide human β-defensin 3-lysozyme were synthesized and the bactericidal activities in vitro and in vivo against(More)
Sputum is the most common sample collected from patients suffering from lower respiratory tract infections and it is crucial for the bacterial identification of these infections. In this study, we enrolled 101 sputum samples from 101 patients with lower respiratory tract infections. Initially, pyrosequencing of the 16S rDNA V3 hypervariable regions of the(More)
An increasing number of studies have implicated the microbiome in certain diseases, especially chronic diseases. In this study, the bacterial communities in the sputum of pulmonary tuberculosis patients were explored. Total DNA was extracted from sputum samples from 31 pulmonary tuberculosis patients and respiratory secretions of 24 healthy participants.(More)
Bacterial 16S Ribosomal RNAs profiling have been widely used in the classification of microbiota associated diseases. Dimensionality reduction is among the keys in mining high-dimensional 16S rRNAs' expression data. High levels of sparsity and redundancy are common in 16S rRNA gene microbial surveys. Traditional feature selection methods are generally(More)
Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a major concern in hospitals and the bacterial community of which has not been systemically discussed yet. Sputum from patients in the acute stages is a kind of accessible sample reflecting its features. In our study, we analyzed 45 sputum samples from 45 patients with CAP. Eighteen sputum samples from healthy people(More)
BACKGROUND Text data of 16S rRNA are informative for classifications of microbiota-associated diseases. However, the raw text data need to be systematically processed so that features for classification can be defined/extracted; moreover, the high-dimension feature spaces generated by the text data also pose an additional difficulty. RESULTS Here we(More)
On the basis of analyzing customer services of manufacturing enterprises and these supporting requires, using the method of discrete system simulating, the paper provides the classifications of customer services suitable information technology supporting, brings forward the working mechanisms suitable to the supporting system of different kinds of customer(More)
Pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) has gained attention in recent decades because of its rising incidence trend; simultaneously, increasing numbers of studies have identified the relationship between microbiota and chronic infectious diseases. In our work, we enrolled 32 patients with primary TB characterised by unilateral TB lesion formation diagnosed by chest(More)
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