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Sentence similarity based on semantic nets and corpus statistics
Experiments demonstrate that the proposed method provides a similarity measure that shows a significant correlation to human intuition and can be used in a variety of applications that involve text knowledge representation and discovery.
An Approach for Measuring Semantic Similarity between Words Using Multiple Information Sources
This paper explores the determination of semantic similarity by a number of information sources, which consist of structural semantic information from a lexical taxonomy and information content from a corpus.
Selecting Critical Patterns Based on Local Geometrical and Statistical Information
  • Yuhua Li, L. Maguire
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine…
  • 1 June 2011
This paper presents a method that selects critical patterns deemed to carry essential information applicable to train those types of classifiers which require spatial information of the training data set.
A review of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for diesel engines
Technical advances and environmental legislation in recent years have stimulated the development of a number of techniques for condition monitoring and fault diagnosis (CMFD) in diesel engines. This
DL-ReSuMe: A Delay Learning-Based Remote Supervised Method for Spiking Neurons
A learning method for spiking neurons, called delay learning remote supervised method (DL-ReSuMe), is proposed to merge the delay shift approach and ReSuMe-based weight adjustment to enhance the learning performance.
Adaptive Hidden Markov Model With Anomaly States for Price Manipulation Detection
The evaluation experiments show that the proposed adaptive hidden Markov model with anomaly states (AHMMAS) model can effectively detect price manipulation patterns and outperforms the selected benchmark models.