Yuhua Dong

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The gap junction channel is formed by proper docking of two hemichannels. Depending on the connexin(s) in the hemichannels, homotypic and heterotypic gap junction channels can be formed. Previous studies suggest that the extracellular loop 2 (E2) is an important molecular domain for heterotypic compatibility. Based on the crystal structure of the Cx26 gap(More)
Biozeolite capping for reducing nitrogen (N) load of an eutrophic canal in Yangzhou City was studied. Biofilm formation on biozeolite was cultivated by use of isolated nitrifiers and denitrifiers. Varying conditions including dissolved oxygen (DO) and origins of isolated bacteria were considered in our experiments. Long-term sediment incubation experiment(More)
Recently we reported the profound effects of second-sphere crown ether binding upon the redox energetics and intervalence spectroscopy of selected mixed-valence (Crowd metal complex associatino is driven primarily by ether oxygen/ ammine hydrogen interactions, where the H-bond-donating capability of NH3 is greatly enhanced by coordination to a(More)
Charge-transfer absorption, electrochemical, and NMR-NOE studies of monomeric and dimeric (ligand-bridged) ruthenium ammine guest interactions with several crown ether hosts show that second-sphere complexation is prevalent in nitromethane as solvent and that complexation or binding constants can be varied by ca. 108-fold by modifying both guest and host(More)
O S (C O) ~ turnstile reorientation can only occur by virtue of cooperative effects in the crystal lattice. The observations described in this paper, coupled with those of previous s t ~ d i e s , ~-' ~ suggest some generalizations concerning the comparison of dynamic processes in solution and in the solid state. It might be imagined that placing a molecule(More)
To further improve the performance of wavelet neural network blind equalization based on constant modulus algorithm (CMA) cost function, an instantaneous gradient based dual mode between modified constant modulus algorithm (MCMA) and decision directed (DD) algorithm was proposed. The wavelet neural network weights change quantity of the adjacent iterative(More)
Because of concern about ion-pairing artifacts, the solvent dependence of the intervalence charge-transfer absorption energy for a prototypical mixed-valence system, (NH~)sR~"~-4,4'-bipyridine-Ru~~(NH~)s~+, has been reexamined in the limit of infinite dilution. New data are reported for 14 solvents. While one of these (hexamethylphosphoramide) yields(More)
Recurrent neural network structure is formed by adding bias unit to feedforward neural network (FNN), which was applied in underwater acoustic communication. The neural network by adding bias unit can take full advantage of statistical information of received signals; consequently, it raises convergence speed effectively and enhances the tracing ability of(More)
The energetics of optical electron transfer (ET) in (NC)sFem-bis(pyridyl)ethylene-Fen(CN)55-(l), as monitored by intervalence absorption spectroscopy, display a remarkable sensitivity to added " inert " electrolyte. With small amounts of added NaCl, CaC12, or LaCl3, the optical ET (or metal-to-metal charge transfer) energy (Wm) increases significantly. With(More)