Yuhua Dong

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The gap junction channel is formed by proper docking of two hemichannels. Depending on the connexin(s) in the hemichannels, homotypic and heterotypic gap junction channels can be formed. Previous studies suggest that the extracellular loop 2 (E2) is an important molecular domain for heterotypic compatibility. Based on the crystal structure of the Cx26 gap(More)
To further improve the performance of wavelet neural network blind equalization based on constant modulus algorithm (CMA) cost function, an instantaneous gradient based dual mode between modified constant modulus algorithm (MCMA) and decision directed (DD) algorithm was proposed. The wavelet neural network weights change quantity of the adjacent iterative(More)
Recurrent neural network structure is formed by adding bias unit to feedforward neural network (FNN), which was applied in underwater acoustic communication. The neural network by adding bias unit can take full advantage of statistical information of received signals; consequently, it raises convergence speed effectively and enhances the tracing ability of(More)
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