Yuhua Cheng

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Acknowledgment: The development of BSIM3v3.2 benefited from the input of many BSIM3 users, especially the Compact Model Council (CMC) member companies. TSMC for their valuable assistance in identifying the desirable modifications and testing of the new model. their guidance and support.
Four 20 ns molecular dynamics simulations have been performed with two counterions, K+ or Na+, at two water contents, 15 or 20 H2O per nucleotide. A hexagonal simulation cell comprised of three identical DNA decamers [d(5'-ATGCAGTCAG) x d(5'-TGACTGCATC)] with periodic boundary condition along the DNA helix was used. The simulation setup mimics the DNA state(More)
—This paper reports a new nanocrystal quantum-dot (NC-QD)-based tunable on-chip electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection mechanism and structures. Experiments validated the pro-grammable ESD protection concept. Prototype structures achieved an adjustable ESD triggering voltage range of 2.5 V, very fast response to ESD transients of rising time t r ∼ 100 ps(More)