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This paper mainly deals with the controller design for a class of networked control system (NCS) with the presence of network-induced delay and data packet dropout. Aiming at the stochastic and time-varying characteristics of delay and dropout, a NCS model with uncertain linear parameters was established by converting the uncertainties of delay and dropout(More)
Previous studies have shown modular structures in PPI (protein-protein interaction) networks. More recently, many genome and metagenome investigations have focused on identifying modules in PPI networks. However, most of the existing methods are insufficient when applied to networks with overlapping modular structures. In our study, we describe a novel(More)
Differential evolution (DE) algorithm puts emphasis particularly on imitating the microscopic behavior of individuals, while estimation of distribution algorithm (EDA) tries to estimate the probabilistic distribution of the entire population. DE and EDA can be extended to multi-objective optimization problems by using a Pareto-based approach, called Pareto(More)
One of the difficulties encountered in the application of reinforcement learning methods to real-world problem is the generalization of large-scale or continuous state space. In order to solve the curse of dimensionality problem caused by discretizing continuous state space, a kind of Q-learning method for continuous state space based on a dynamic Elman(More)
To take full advantage of hyperspectral information, to avoid data redundancy and to address the curse of dimensionality concern, dimensionality reduction (DR) becomes particularly important to analyze hyperspectral data. Exploring the tensor characteristic of hyperspectral data, a DR algorithm based on class-aware tensor neighborhood graph and patch(More)