Yuhsuke Koyama

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This paper addresses both micro-and macro-level validation in agent-based simulation (ABS) to explore validated agents who can reproduce not only human-like behaviors externally but also human-like thinking internally. For this purpose, we employ the sequential bargaining game, which can investigate a change of humans' behaviors and thinking longer than the(More)
We carried out a survey of the adjourned sales rate of the Japanese home video games from famitsu, a major weekly magazine, in order to construct a reference index of project management. We chose Playstation®(PS), Playstation2® (PS2) and Game Boy Advance® (GBA®) as the platform and measured the fraction of the titles which were postponed for sale once or(More)
We estimate exit behavior in a repeated social dilemma situation with intergroup mobility, using experimental data. Estimated results show that absolute levels of cooperation of others in one's own group is a significant determinant. Also, the difference between the absolute levels of cooperation and the cooperation index based on a subject's actual choices(More)
We propose a method that visualizes the topic structure of medical interviews to provide doctors with clues found in the complete narratives. We collected 15 simulated interviews in an education field and conducted the following analysis to evaluate the utility of our proposed method. By applying it to the 15 interviews, we classified the following three(More)
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