Yuhong Zhou

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This research innovatively extends optimal emergency facility location models to the interior space of multistory buildings with an integrated spatial-temporal framework. We present the case of deployed emergency medical devices known as automated external defibrillators (AEDs), which serve to treat sudden cardiac arrest on-site within the first few(More)
Modeling plays an important role in bioprocess development for design and scale-up. Predictive models can also be used in biopharmaceutical manufacturing to assist decision-making either to maintain process consistency or to identify optimal operating conditions. To predict the whole bioprocess performance, the strong interactions present in a processing(More)
High spatial resolution (HSR) imagery and high density LiDAR data provide complementary horizontal and vertical information. Therefore, many studies have focused on fusing the two for mapping geographic features. It has been demonstrated that the synergetic use of LiDAR and HSR imagery greatly improves classification accuracy. This is especially true with(More)
The objective of this study is to develop new algorithms for automated urban forest inventory at the individual tree level using LiDAR point cloud data. LiDAR data contain three-dimensional structure information that can be used to estimate tree height, base height, crown depth, and crown diameter. This allows precision urban forest inventory down to(More)
Areal interpolation has been an active research area, but its wide adoption in the general GIS community is limited due to the lack of implementation tools in commercial software. To bridge this gap, an areal interpolation extension is developed in ArcGIS with 4 popular algorithms, 10 raster and vector implementations, and 4 commonly used error measures. A(More)
Modeling the suitability of land to support specific land uses is an important and common GIS application. Three classic models, specifically pass/ fail screening, graduated screening and weighted linear combination, are examined within a more general framework defined by fuzzy logic theory. The rationale underlying each model is explained using the(More)
A survey of a complete gene synteny comparison has been carried out between twenty fully sequenced strains from the genus Escherichia with the aim of finding yet uncharacterised genes implicated in the metabolism of uropathogenic strains of E. coli (UPEC). Several sets of adjacent colinear genes have been identified which are present in all four UPEC(More)
In urban America, land development and residential real estate have passed through a number of different phases during the post-WWII era. In contemporary discourse on urban sustainability, attention is often expressed in terms of intensity of land development, lot sizes, and square-footage of housing units. In this paper, we reconstruct the land development(More)