Yuhong Kang

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Fiber Raman amplification using the transmission line is a promising technology to increase the repeater distance as well as the capacity of the communication systems. Because of the growing importance of fiber Raman amplification, it is desired to predict the magnitude and shape of the Raman gain spectrum from the doping level and refractive index profiles(More)
Highly nonlinear dynamics arises from novel serially and antiserially connected memristive switches. Antiserially connected memristors offer a device with built-in spiking neuron behavior. Serially connected memristors offer new functionality of a cascade of sigmoid staircase curves to represent multi-level spike-timing dependent plasticity (STDP). In a(More)
Quantized conductance is observed at zero magnetic field and room temperature in metal-insulator-metal structures with graphene submicron-sized nanoplatelets embedded in a 3-hexylthiophene (P3HT) polymer layer. In devices with medium concentration of graphene platelets, integer multiples of G o = 2e (2)/h (=12.91 kΩ(-1)), and in some devices partially(More)
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