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The problem of detecting a shift in the percentile of a Birnbaum–Saunders population in a process monitoring situation is considered. For example, such problems may arise when the quality characteristic of interest is tensile strength or breaking stress. The parametric bootstrap method is used to develop a quality control chart for monitoring percentiles(More)
MUC13, a transmembrane mucin, is normally expressed in gastrointestinal and airway epithelium. Its aberrant expression has been correlated with gastric colon and cancer. However, the expression and functions of MUC13 in ovarian cancer are unknown. In the present study, the expression profile and functions of MUC13 were analyzed to elucidate its potential(More)
The high death rate of pancreatic cancer is attributed to the lack of reliable methods for early detection and underlying molecular mechanisms of its aggressive pathogenesis. Although MUC13, a newly identified transmembrane mucin, is known to be aberrantly expressed in ovarian and gastro-intestinal cancers, its role in pancreatic cancer is unknown. Herein,(More)
Single antigen-targeted intraperitoneal radioimmunotherapy for ovarian cancer has shown limited success. Due to the heterogeneous expression of tumor antigens on cancer cells, a multi-antigen targeting approach appears logical to augment the therapeutic efficacy of antibody-guided therapy. In the interest of developing this novel approach, ovarian cancer(More)
Keywords: Maximum likelihood estimate Minimal repair Nonhomogeneous Poisson process Power law process Preventive maintenance Truncated sampling a b s t r a c t This paper develops a maintenance strategy for repairable products that combines imperfect maintenance actions at pre-scheduled times and minimal repair actions for failures. Under a power law(More)