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As a base for human transcriptome and functional genomics, we created the "full-length long Japan" (FLJ) collection of sequenced human cDNAs. We determined the entire sequence of 21,243 selected clones and found that 14,490 cDNAs (10,897 clusters) were unique to the FLJ collection. About half of them (5,416) seemed to be protein-coding. Of those, 1,999(More)
UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase from potato tuber was purified 243-fold to a nearly homogeneous state with a recovery of 30%. The purified enzyme utilized UDP-glucose, but not ADP-glucose, as the substrate, and was not activated by 3-phosphoglyceric acid. Product inhibition studies revealed the sequential binding of UDP-glucose and MgPPi and the sequential(More)
Suc, an end product of photosynthesis, is metabolized by Suc synthase in sink organs as an initial step in the biosynthesis of storage products. Suc synthase activity is known to be regulated by reversible phosphorylation, but the details of this process are unclear at present. Rice SPK, a calcium-dependent protein kinase, is expressed uniquely in the(More)
Uridine di- and triphosphopyridoxals were used to probe the substrate-binding site in potato tuber UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (EC The enzyme was rapidly inactivated in time- and dose-dependent manners when incubated with either reagent followed by reduction with sodium borohydride. The inactivations were almost completely retarded by UDP-Glc(More)
Editorial Chance is a necessity p1 Correspondence A call for accurate phenotype definition in the study of complex disorders p3 Reply to "A call for accurate phenotype definition in the study of complex disorders" pp3-4 Two Pax are better than one pp10-11 Richard S Mann Marking Xs, together and separately pp12-13 Mary Ann Handel Diverse powerhouses pp13-14(More)
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