Yuheng Du

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Methods for detecting and summarizing emergent keywords have been extensively studied since social media and microblogging activities have started to play an important role in data analysis and decision making. We present a system for monitoring emergent keywords and summarizing a document stream based on the dynamic semantic graphs of streaming documents.(More)
Sensor networks must be monitored to identify and correct problems as they occur. We present a comparison of two approaches to monitoring deployed sensors. The first relies on configuration parameters to define expected reporting behavior. The second automatically identifies normal reporting patterns based on a combination of configuration parameters and an(More)
is known that human controls muscles for hand poses in a coordinated manner and the coordination is referred to as a postural synergy. Using postural synergies, dexterous grasping tasks could be accomplished on a prosthetic hand via only a few (usually two) control inputs. Instead of implementing postural synergies digitally, this paper presents the design(More)
Neurology shows that human controls dozens of muscles for hand poses in a coordinated manner and such coordination is referred as to a postural synergy. The concept of postural synergies was recently adopted in the control of robotic hands. With the synergies implemented digitally in a controller, all the motors in an anthropomorphic robotic hand can be(More)
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